Fire Damage Restoration Expert Talks Do's and Don'ts Before Restoration Services
Sunday, October 31st 2021, 10:50 PM

List of Do's and Don'ts Before Your Fire Damage Restoration Company Arrives

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Fire is truly a devastating force. Fires can start for many different reasons, including natural causes such as lightning and unnatural causes such as unattended campfires, electrical shortages, and more. No matter the cause, fires can cause irreversible damage to commercial properties and homes. 

SERVPRO helps home and business owners begin the recovery process by providing trustworthy, affordable fire damage restorationservices in West Lake Hills, TX, and surrounding areas. SERVPRO is a comprehensive property damage recovery service offering water cleanup, mold removal, commercial cleaning services, and more.

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List of Do's and Don'ts Before Your Fire Damage Restoration Company Arrives

DO: Turn off utilities 

A critical first step that property owners should take when facing fire damage is to immediately turn off all utilities, including electric, water, and gas. If possible, turn these utilities off at any main valves, breakers, or other primary structures until professionals check them for safety.

DO: Take precautions

Avoid sitting on furniture or inhabiting spaces where smoke, ash, or other particles may contaminate fabrics, surfaces, or air. Wear respirators or air filters and other appropriate safety gear when working in or handling any objects impacted by fire damage.

DO: Check your insurance policy

All residential and commercial property owners dealing with fire damage should consult their insurance policies as soon as possible. Many home and business insurance policies offer some limited coverage for fires in specific situations. 

Reach out to insurance companies for clarification about insurance policies and answers to any questions before calling any restoration professionals. Insurance companies typically select their restoration providers for any needed services and may not cover services from other contractors.

DO: Take notes, save original documents, stay organized

Following fire damage, an important task for home and business owners is to collect original documents such as deeds and property receipts. These documents will help in the restoration process and provide the necessary documentation for any insurance claims. Keep these documents handy and organized for ongoing fire restoration and insurance needs.

DON’T: Tamper with damage

While it may be tempting to clean or provide DIY fixes immediately after a fire, it’s best to wait for professional services. Spaces can be unsafe for many reasons, including: 

  •       Structural damage
  •       Smoke
  •       Toxic chemicals
  •       Hazardous objects
  •       And more 

Professional fire damage restoration services like those provided by SERVPRO help determine which spaces are unsafe and restore those spaces by rebuilding, removing smoke, cleaning vents, and more.

DON’T: Use electronics or appliances

After a fire, don’t attempt to operate any modern appliances like computers, microwaves, TVs, radios, or other technology. These objects may be affected by heat or smoke damage, and using them could cause harm to people or the appliances themselves.

fire damage restoration

DON’T: Consume food items or canned goods 

Food and canned goods that received damage from heat or smoke damage may be toxic. These products are not safe for consumption, and property owners should discard them when it is safe to do so. 

Sometimes, more than one type of damage occurs as a result of a fire. Fire restoration companies, mold remediation companies, and water restoration companies may all specialize in one service, but SERVPRO specializes in them all. 

For more information about proper fire restoration procedures and professional fire damage restoration services, reach out to the professionals at SERVPRO. Use their convenient web form or call 512-261-4790 today.

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