Property Damage Restoration Company Discusses Common Storm Damage Scenarios
Sunday, October 31st 2021, 10:50 PM

5 Storm Damage Situations Property Owners Frequently Experience

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Storms are a regular part of life in Texas. For property owners, storms can spell unexpected trouble in the form of floods, physical property damage, mold, expensive repairs, and more. 

SERVPRO is an experienced team of thoroughly trained restoration technicians providing comprehensive property damage restoration services, including water damage restoration, fire and smoke remediation, and mold removal in the Westlake and Austin areas. 

Their experienced technicians shared five of the common types of storm damages that many property owners in Texas may face. For more information about storm damage or storm damage restoration services, reach out to SERVPRO today.

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5 Common Storm Damage Scenarios to Look Out For

#1: Lightning and thunderstorm damage 

Thunderstorms in Texas produce their fair share of dangerous conditions, including heavy rains, lightning, and more. When lightning strikes trees, homes, businesses, powerlines, or other common structures, the damage can be anywhere from minimal to disastrous. 

Lightning strikes can cause fires, falling limbs/trees, electrical hazards, and other severe issues. Storm and fire restoration companies can help repair fire, smoke, and other damages caused by lightning strikes.

#2: Hail damage 

Big storms mean significant dangers. Hail is a type of dangerous precipitation caused by rapidly freezing water, and odds are most people have experienced it in some form. The size of hail ranges from pea-sized to grapefruit, but even smaller hail can cause considerable damage. 

Broken windows, dented rooftops, bent vents, damaged siding, and other issues are typical in areas that experience frequent hailstorms. Storm damage restoration companies like SERVPRO work to restore and remediate damages caused by hail and help property owners take preventative measures when possible. 

#3: Storm-related flood damage 

Heavy storms often produce significant rainfall that can cause flooding in rivers, lakes, and ponds. When flooding occurs, property damage can happen in many forms, including ground displacement, flooding basements, commercial properties, and homes, and more. Following flood damage, mold can set in and cause further damage, making properties unsafe for use. 

Because floods happen quickly, emergency water restoration services are available to provide fast solutions to flood damage. Water cleanup providers and water restoration companies offer various services designed to make properties safe for use again. 

These experts remove water and work with clients to establish a restoration, repair, and prevention plan. In the weeks after a flood, mold remediation companies provide mold removal and mold growth prevention to help streamline the property damage restoration process.

#4: Wind damage 

Thunderstorms, tornados, hurricanes, and other types of storms can produce damaging winds that threaten both life and property. When these storms happen, property owners often face a range of damages, including: 

  •       Damage from falling limbs or trees
  •       Broken windows
  •       Damaged rooftops or lost shingles
  •       Lost or damaged siding
  •       Damage to signage, stands, or other fixtures
  •       And more
storm damage restoration

#5: Winter storm damage 

While the Austin area rarely sees heavy snowfall, winter storms can still test the structural integrity of homes and businesses. Many property owners are unprepared for below-freezing temperatures, often leading to burst pipes. Storm restoration companies like SERVPRO help property owners recover from winter storm damage by restoring structures and remediating water damage, among other services. 

Contact SERVPRO for more information about storm damage and property damage restoration, including commercial water damage restoration and commercial cleaning service in Lakeway, TX. Call 512-261-4790 today.

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