Why SERVPRO Is the Best Choice for Storm Damage Restoration and Cleanup
Monday, September 27th 2021, 2:15 PM

Four Ways a Damage Restoration and Cleanup Company Like SERVPRO Can Make Life Easier After a Disaster

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SERVPRO is a nationwide fire, water, and storm damage restoration service run by independent franchisee teams. The SERVPRO professionals assist with disaster management and cleanup across the country after floods, fires, storms, and other serious events that happen unexpectedly. Their slogan sums up SERVPRO’s unique philosophy, and the team cares about making the area look “like it never even happened” so that everyone can move on with normal life.

Four Great Reasons to Choose SERVPRO for Damage Restoration and Cleanup

Anyone who has seen the aftermath of a severe storm, fire, or water disaster can attest to its destructive power. These events cause widespread, city-wide damage, and experienced damage restoration companies like SERVPRO of Lakeway / Westlake deal with these disasters daily. Below, they explore why relying on one of the best fire and water restoration companies in the region is a great way to move forward.

#1 Time Is of the Essence For All Types of Damage Restoration

The faster the water cleanup process starts, the better. When severe weather places a home or business at risk of collapse or contamination, water will leak into places it shouldn’t and wreak havoc. Both residential and commercial water damage is detrimental to the building and its occupants, especially when mold or sewage leaks make an appearance. 

SERVPRO leads the pack in emergency water restoration and mold removal services in the area with lightning-fast responses to ensure they catch the damage on time. The team's stellar service also means that home and business owners can enjoy lower damage restoration costs and quicker recovery.

#2 Effective Damage Restoration Requires Professional Equipment

The damage restoration technicians at SERVPRO are experts in the field. They use top-notch equipment to restore homes and businesses to their original condition. The setup enables efficient work and superb attention to detail.

As one of the premier mold remediation companies available, SERVPRO uncovers all hidden areas of damage and quickly attends to the infestation. No commercial cleaning service can match this meticulousness, especially without the right tools and technology.

#3 Reputable Insurance Companies Fully Support Damage Restoration

A natural disaster brings a lot of stress with it, and negotiating with an insurance company is not high on the priority list for most of SERVPRO’s damage restoration clients. Part of the reason local homeowners and businesses trust SERVPRO’s expertise is that we work directly with the insurance company after a flood, storm, or fire.

As one of the most experienced water and fire restoration companies in town, SERVPRO is happy to advise clients on the best ways to file successful insurance claims. Our clients can enjoy peace of mind as we set to work to restore their homes and businesses, regardless of their insurance provider.

#4 Damage Restoration Professionals Mitigate Health Hazards

Severe storms and other emergencies carry a surprising number of health risks beyond the immediate risk to life and limb. Short-term and long-term risks abound, including:

  • Soot and chemicals from fire damage that makes it difficult to breathe
  • Widespread mold growth after a flood or rainstorm that causes health issues.

SERVPRO removes these visible traces of fire, wind, and water, but they also focus on finding and eradicating all the invisible risks too. Even after the worst disaster, a home or business can be safe again with damage restoration services from these seasoned professionals.

Contact SERVPRO of Lakeway / Westlake at (512) 261-4790 today for comprehensive storm and water damage restoration in Bee Cave, TX, and the surrounding communities.

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